where did summer go?

Is everyone else panicking yet – or is it just me? It feels like one minute I was almost dreading having such a long break between semesters, and now I wish I could rewind time a little to enjoy a little more of the summer. Its been an AWESOME summer ; btw. PAUSE. “Awesome” is one of those words I NEVER, EVER, say in real life, but somehow it always finds its way into my writing. Anyone else have a word like that? But back to summer before it disappears on us.

We really had a great summer, and we really just did that by taking advantage of places we have close to home, since we’re saving up for a “big” vacation next year. So far this summer we’ve been to Ocean City (me 2x in a month), spent a couple days at a beautiful resort in Chesapeake Bay, got season passes to Six Flags, participated in our first mud run,  spent way too much on candy and popcorn at the movies a couple times, took swimming lessons …. I could go on and on. And we have tickets for the Ravens Family Fun Night and passes to Chesapeake Beach Water Park before the season is up. I really took advantage of having a lot of free time with my little guy before the craziness of school schedules start back up – in two weeks, ahhh! – for both of us.


Before we know it, the breezes will be a little cooler, that sunshine is going to start disappearing a little earlier everyday, and our days will be jam packed with doing homework and school projects, and Michaels will be putting up Christmas displays ( if they haven’t started already!). Until then, I’m going to make the best of every spare minute that I have with my little guy – and I hope you all take advantage of this time too!



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