Got Bento?!

I spend a good amount of money eating out for lunch. i’m not ordering takeout from a 4 star restaurant everyday, but I’d estimate that I spend anywhere from $5-$8 daily for lunch. It really adds up when you think about it, especially when I’m about to cut my work hours basically in half during the next few months. So with the little one and I starting classes again in a few weeks, I decided to plan a way to bring lunches that I wouldn’t feel overwhelmed about having to put together the night before / morning of, AND, stuff I’d actually wanna eat. Reasonably healthy stuff too, I should add. Its the worst feeling when you did all the work to pack a lunch, and decide you don’t even want to eat it anymore when lunchtime comes.

I’ve been seeing bento box lunch ideas EVERYWHERE lately, and i love the idea of having multiple compartments / pieces that stack into one portable case. Plus it’ll sorta force me to get creative with meals, AND encourage me to bring enough food so that its a well rounded meal, and I’m not just stuffing my face with a slice of day old pizza.

Bento boxes can be expensive though (averaging $25 on Amazon)! I don’t have the best track record when it comes to sticking with a routine, so I headed to Walmart to find a less expensive version that I wouldn’t be upset about finding in the back of the cabinet covered in dust 3 months from now when I’m back at a different drive thru every day for lunch. 

Next step is to I buy a couple cookie cutters to make Christian’s lunches a little more interesting. I found a bunch of ideas online to get me started with our meal plans >


( we loveeee tacos around here! i think this may be a weekly option. source )


( simple! fruit, veggies, cheese, crackers, lunch meat. i’d eat it. source )


(  chicken salad roll ups. fruit. veggies. cheese. animal cookies. love. source )

If you have ideas / comments / suggestions, please share below. If you need more ideas, definitely check Pinterest. Just make sure you have a few good hours to spare because it’s soooo addicting!






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