nursing school is my liiiiife

I’m currently surrounded by index cards, highlighters, and textbooks. & a Red Bull. This can only mean one thing – school is back in session!


Christian and I actually both went back this week, actually the same day – him in 1st grade, and me in my second semester of the RN program. The RN program is overwhelming, terrifying, and so exciting, all at once. This semester is basically focused on MedSurg and OB. So its a lot on IVs and babies. My clinicals for the first round will be on an oncology floor, and I couldn’t be more excited about it! Plus, we’ll get to each observe a nurse for a day towards the end of the semester, and my fingers are crossed that I’ll get chosen for the Operating Room.

So between getting my little guy settled into first grade, and trying to plan on how to get through these next 16 weeks without sprouting another 5 gray hairs (I swear I found at least 3 during the first semester!), its a pretty hectic week for me to say the least!


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