nursing school is my liiiiife

I’m currently surrounded by index cards, highlighters, and textbooks. & a Red Bull. This can only mean one thing – school is back in session!


Christian and I actually both went back this week, actually the same day – him in 1st grade, and me in my second semester of the RN program. The RN program is overwhelming, terrifying, and so exciting, all at once. This semester is basically focused on MedSurg and OB. So its a lot on IVs and babies. My clinicals for the first round will be on an oncology floor, and I couldn’t be more excited about it! Plus, we’ll get to each observe a nurse for a day towards the end of the semester, and my fingers are crossed that I’ll get chosen for the Operating Room.

So between getting my little guy settled into first grade, and trying to plan on how to get through these next 16 weeks without sprouting another 5 gray hairs (I swear I found at least 3 during the first semester!), its a pretty hectic week for me to say the least!


Got Bento?!

I spend a good amount of money eating out for lunch. i’m not ordering takeout from a 4 star restaurant everyday, but I’d estimate that I spend anywhere from $5-$8 daily for lunch. It really adds up when you think about it, especially when I’m about to cut my work hours basically in half during the next few months. So with the little one and I starting classes again in a few weeks, I decided to plan a way to bring lunches that I wouldn’t feel overwhelmed about having to put together the night before / morning of, AND, stuff I’d actually wanna eat. Reasonably healthy stuff too, I should add. Its the worst feeling when you did all the work to pack a lunch, and decide you don’t even want to eat it anymore when lunchtime comes.

I’ve been seeing bento box lunch ideas EVERYWHERE lately, and i love the idea of having multiple compartments / pieces that stack into one portable case. Plus it’ll sorta force me to get creative with meals, AND encourage me to bring enough food so that its a well rounded meal, and I’m not just stuffing my face with a slice of day old pizza.

Bento boxes can be expensive though (averaging $25 on Amazon)! I don’t have the best track record when it comes to sticking with a routine, so I headed to Walmart to find a less expensive version that I wouldn’t be upset about finding in the back of the cabinet covered in dust 3 months from now when I’m back at a different drive thru every day for lunch. 

Next step is to I buy a couple cookie cutters to make Christian’s lunches a little more interesting. I found a bunch of ideas online to get me started with our meal plans >


( we loveeee tacos around here! i think this may be a weekly option. source )


( simple! fruit, veggies, cheese, crackers, lunch meat. i’d eat it. source )


(  chicken salad roll ups. fruit. veggies. cheese. animal cookies. love. source )

If you have ideas / comments / suggestions, please share below. If you need more ideas, definitely check Pinterest. Just make sure you have a few good hours to spare because it’s soooo addicting!





where did summer go?

Is everyone else panicking yet – or is it just me? It feels like one minute I was almost dreading having such a long break between semesters, and now I wish I could rewind time a little to enjoy a little more of the summer. Its been an AWESOME summer ; btw. PAUSE. “Awesome” is one of those words I NEVER, EVER, say in real life, but somehow it always finds its way into my writing. Anyone else have a word like that? But back to summer before it disappears on us.

We really had a great summer, and we really just did that by taking advantage of places we have close to home, since we’re saving up for a “big” vacation next year. So far this summer we’ve been to Ocean City (me 2x in a month), spent a couple days at a beautiful resort in Chesapeake Bay, got season passes to Six Flags, participated in our first mud run,  spent way too much on candy and popcorn at the movies a couple times, took swimming lessons …. I could go on and on. And we have tickets for the Ravens Family Fun Night and passes to Chesapeake Beach Water Park before the season is up. I really took advantage of having a lot of free time with my little guy before the craziness of school schedules start back up – in two weeks, ahhh! – for both of us.


Before we know it, the breezes will be a little cooler, that sunshine is going to start disappearing a little earlier everyday, and our days will be jam packed with doing homework and school projects, and Michaels will be putting up Christmas displays ( if they haven’t started already!). Until then, I’m going to make the best of every spare minute that I have with my little guy – and I hope you all take advantage of this time too!


TWENTY9 Random Things About ME!

1. Pepsi ALWAYS beats Coke. Mio black cherry beats both of them though.

2. I have a irrational fear of driving in parking garages. I always feel like the top of my SUV is going to hit the ceiling.

3.  Horror / suspense movies are my favorite!

4.  Fuchsia and aqua (not necessarily together) are my favorite colors.

5. I like to LOOK really organized, but I’m really not. But I just spent $60 on an Erin Condren planner (which I loveeee) to whip my butt into shape.

6. Never traveled to the West Coast, but I have been to Italy, Turkey, and Greece. & a couple of islands in the Caribbean.

7. I can only wink my right eye.

8. I got straight A’s in my first semester of nursing school after almost failing out due to a math test. Crazy, right?

9. I cried when Paul Walker died. But I think every woman (& lets be honest, some men) in America did too.

10. I’m 5 foot 1 – and 3/4 of an inch. Fun sized, my friend.

11. I couldn’t donate my eggs (not the refrigerated kind that comes in a carton!) since I carry the trait for sickle cell.

12. I am a Cancer. & fit just about every stereotype you’ve heard about us.

13. Huge Walking Dead fan over here. That and Orange is The New Black. oh & American Horror Story, Bates Motel, and Shark Tank.

14. I always lick the bowl when I’m making a cake. That and raw chocolate chip cookie dough – yum. Never gotten sick either *knock on wood*

15.  I am the oldest of 3. The oldest really does have it the hardest. Tis true.

16. I have *NEVER* gotten a speeding ticket. A state trooper pulled me over when I was like 16/17 for speeding but I cried and got away with a warning.

17. Speaking of driving, I failed my first driver’s test when I tested in an automatic. Next time I came in a manual (stick), and I passed!

18. I have an iPhone, an iPad mini, and a MacBook. & Apple has all my money.

19. I have a license in cosmetology. But I only use it for the discounts. Good nail polish AINT cheap.

20. First concert I’ve been to was Diddy – back when he was Puff Daddy. Second was Janet Jackson.

21. I’m in nursing school – still deciding if I want to go into pediatric oncology or the ER.

22. Rollercoasters that go upside down TERRIFY me. Never have I ever. It kinda makes my stomach hurt just to think about it.

23. Vision boards, NOT CHIPOTLE, are my lifeeeee. I am a huge fan of the law of attraction.

24. I wear a size 6 1/2 shoe.

25. One of my favorite quotes is, “The best way to predict the future is to create it”.

26. Wataaaahmelon (thanks Beyonce!) is my favorite fruit.

27. I have two tattoos – neither of them really mean much.

28. I’ve had my nose pierced – twice. I miss it, but neither of my jobs or nursing school would let me keep it in.

29. People chewing with their mouth open has to be one of my biggest pet peeves.